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Aviation Expo China 2011


    With its 25 years of history, the Aviation Expo/China has proven to be the most authoritative expo in the Chinese aviation industry and it is the ONLY aviation expo held in Beijing ,the capital and political & economic center of China.

    We are happy to announce that the 14th event will open on 21-24 September, 2011 in Beijing. China

    The successful development of “Aviation Expo/China” depend on strong supports from Chinese government, military departments and companies involved in aviation business both at home and abroad. The sponsors of the Expo are CAAC, China Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC), Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd (COMAC), China Aviation Supplies Holding Company (CAS) and China National Aero-Tech I/E Corp (CATIC), General Equipment Dep’t of PLA including all the most authoritative aviation organizations in China.

    The international famous aviation companies, such as Boeing, EADS, Airbus, Bombardier, Satair, Textron, UTC, IAR Brasov, etc. National pavilions of Russia, Italy (ICE), France (GIFAS), Ukrain and the Netherlands (NAG) have participated confirmed their space in the expo. In addition, relevant departments from Brazil, Ireland & Victoria all expressed interests in participation in pavilion. The encouraging responses reflect the significant market potentiality of aviation industry in the Mainland of China.

    COMAC, sponsor of the expo, which is mainly responsible for researching, manufacturing & assembling the Large-passenger-aircrafts in China, will make its first appearance on the expo and has strong desir to seek international partners and suppliers on the expo. On the expo, it will annouce the international co-operation plan and report the current development to the Chinese government.

   Aviation Expo/China 2011 just will be held one week before the National Grand Celebration for her 60 years development. It will be a great professional aviation event in China for the peoples involved in aviation business all around the world to focus.

   The “2011 Beijing International Aviation Summit-BIAS” will be held with the expo concurrently. More than 200 senior officials, decision-makers, engineers & technicans from Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Public Security, PLA General Armament Dept, CAAC, COMAC, AVIC, Air Force, China Navy and General Aviation Development Bases in South of China & NorthEast of China will attend the summit.

    A comprehensive promotional campaigns will be run to ensure the quality & quantity of the trade visitors which include owners and operators of the Chinese airports; dicision-makers of the major airlines in China; representatives of aviation equipments and technologies suppliers, dealers and distributors; aircrafts users and operators and experts and scholars from relevant aerospace research institutes & academies. The number of the professional visitors from China mainland will be over 30000.


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