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Avionics & Defence Electronics Europe 2011

16th - 17th March 2011
Munich, Germany

Avionics & Defence Electronics Europe

   Avionics Europe over the past 10 years has established itself as the leading industry event bringing together the world of commercial and defence aerospace electronics. 2010 saw the introduction of Defence Electronics for the first time - an added enhancement and opportunity for these two close communities to benefit from the synergies of an integrated approach and closer collaboration.

   Avionics & Defence Electronics Europe is now the leading, unrivalled global exhibition and conference dedicated to all aspects of aerospace and space avionics and defence electronics.

   Providing a premier platform for the international aviation and defence electronics industries to learn, network, source new information, products and services at one unique annual event, Avionics & Defence Electronics Europe has established itself as a major annual platform for the industry to discuss topics and issues of the day and demonstrate and showcase new products, developments and services available on the market. 

   The event also offers a leading conference programme with an enhanced level of content, a multi-track programme and variety of workshops and master classes. The programme, which includes strategic and technical details, delivers high level content for both the commercial and defence sectors of the industry.


About Avionics

   International competition has intensified and, as well as existing aerospace economies, there are a growing number of emerging markets seeking their own aerospace capabilities. 

   Providing a premier platform for the international aviation industry to learn, network, source new information, products and services at one unique annual event, this is the annual meeting place where the aerospace and avionic professionals, determining what is critical to flight, navigation, communication and control, can gather, discuss and collaborate to form future strategies for business and the industry. 

   With a premier exhibition covering both civil and military/defence disciplines demonstrating the latest technologies, products and services on offer and many networking opportunities, you can expect a highly interactive environment. 

   A multi-track conference, workshops and in-depth technical presentations on the exhibition floor nurtures knowledge and offers exciting and informative opportunities for a continued professional development programme.


About Defence Electronics

   The European defence industry annually invests billions of dollars to ensure the armed forces stay ahead and equipped with the most stateof- the-art technology and equipment to better arm personnel and defend domestic and foreign countries and territories. 

   Covering air, sea and land forces, defence electronics covers the issues central to designers of radar, command and control systems, reconnaissance and fire control to guided weapon platforms, land electronic defence systems (LEDS) and unmanned programs – such as unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). 

   Issues and technologies covered will include: COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf ) technology integration; managing through life capability; thermal management challenges in defence electronics systems; software defined radio; anti-tamper technology; methods for tracking counterfeit components; import/export challenges for defence suppliers; and more. 

   With forecasts projecting continued growth in defence electronics spending, and a market valued at an estimated $15 billion, the European defence electronics market is stable and an attractive proposition for companies to target. 

   Defence electronics provides a platform to present new technologies and systems and a forum to discuss the future of the European defence electronics industry to enable it to compete in the medium and long term. 

   Avionics & Defence Electronics Europe allows key decision makers, scientists, technologists, engineers, designers, planners and procurement specialists from within the leading avionics and defence electronic manufacturers, suppliers, integrators, airlines, operators and air-framers, prime contractors, defence agencies and end users to discover and discuss the latest issues and developments affecting avionics and defence electronics technology. 

   We look forward to welcoming you to Avionics and Defence Electronics Europe in Munich on 16th and 17th March 2011.


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